Power-edge are electric hand grind machines for precise and fine side and base edge processing on skis and snowboards.The grinders are perfect for hobbyists and racing drivers to grind their edges according to their own needs.The simple handling and the adjustment options for the speed and angle are infinitely variable.The grinding depth is adjust automatically and the grinding wheel adapts automatically to the various waists.

Your advantages over other grinding processes

  • Time saving
  • More precise than file processing
  • Simple one-handed operation
  • Easy change between grinding and polishing wheels
  • Grinding without strength
  • No post-processing required
  • Automatic adjustment
  • No annealing out of the edges
  • Rolling bearing guides
  • Grinding and polishing discs with different grain sizes

Three different grinder models are available:

  • Power-edge RACE Extra
  • Power-edge RACE
  • Power-edge PRO Speed Control
Power-edge RACE and RACE – Extra

The Power-edge RACE and RACE Extra are ideal for professional use. The difference to the PRO Speed Control grinder lies mainly in the power and speed.
This means that the time required for grinding is less.
Recommended grinding time for a ski length of 165 cm => 15 – 20 seconds per pass
Recommended polishing time for a ski length of 165 cm => 20 – 25 seconds per pass

Grinding runs after approx. 3 – 4 days of skiing
With the Power-edge RACE EXTRA => approx. 1 pass
With the Power-edge RACE => approx. 2 passes

Power-edge PRO Speed Control

With the Power-edge PRO Speed Control you achieve the same grinding result.
Due to lower power and speed, the grinding time increases minimally.

Grinding runs after approx. 3 – 4 days of skiing => approx. 3-4 passes

Power-edge Accessoires
Grinding Discs                                                                           Polish Disc


Power-edge Base grind adapter

With this adapter attachment you can grind the edge from 0 – 2 degrees hanging

Dressing Diamond
With it the grinding wheel is straightened and cleaning again

Slant support for Ski

With these supports the skis can be placed on most commercially available ski holders at an angle

Edge grinding with the Power-edge

Power-edge in use (animation)


Power-edge Produktion